Saturday, May 14, 2011

Justin Bieber vs. Super Junior

 Justin Bieber


when last month we have a scene with Justin Bieber concert held in Jakarta, Indonesia. then came the next month we are in hebohkan back with Super Junior concert is no less phenomenal with Justin Bieber concert. indeed the two singers that I mentioned is a very famous singer in the world even though they are different countries. faces and their voices have been hypnotized most of the women in the world. Who does not know them? most certainly very familiar with them and even admire them.

but, what are they like? of course not, there are many differences that are owned Justin Bieber and Super Junior. let's see, what are the differences that exist between them.

The first, JB is a solo singer while the Suju is a boy band. the second, JB still very young age that is 16 years while the average age of the members of Suju is 20 years or more. The third, the early occurrence of JB is through his video on his upload to social networking that is You Tube while Suju appear because they are under the auspices of SM Entertainment which generally is manegement who always managed to recruit candidates for future stars like TVXQ, Super Junior and Shinee. the fourth, their home countries are very much different, JB canada while Suju south korea. the fifth, JB still produce an album of music alone while Suju already released four albums of music.
The most prominent of their difference is when they held a concert in Jakarta, Indonesia. the first JB concert was held in Indonesia after passing through persuasion-persuasion in a row for JB to come to Indonesia and hold her concert in Indonesia, while Suju easily hold a concert in Indonesia without having at persuasion by the promoters. the second, the enthusiasm of the women when JB would come to Indonesia are very excited at all while the enthusiasm of the women when there is news that Suju will hold a concert in Indonesia is also excited but not as excited with the arrival of JB. third, to welcome the arrival of JB security is very tight while to welcome the arrival of Suju is not so tight. The fourth and last, ticket prices JB and Suju so is different. JB concert ticket price of a range between Rp. 500,000.00 - Rp. 2,000,000.00 while the price of a ticket Suju concert ranged from Rp. 550,000.00 - Rp. 2,500,000.00.

yes it is the difference between Justin Bieber and Super Junior. but, you are entitled to vote. if you prefer to JB or prefer to Suju. I hope this information is useful for you. bye.

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