Monday, June 27, 2011

200 pounds beauty

This is a movie title that has inspired me on how to make sense of our lives that sometimes do not correspond to our will. now, I realized that life is not only centered on a single point but rather a variety of points with different shapes and colors. if Kiata see if our physical appearance is bad, do not be discouraged that you can dig your abilities show. shortcomings do not just stare at it.

probably many people who feel he is the most unhappy people in the world, but be aware than we are still many people who have problems like us.

if you watch it then you will realize the things above. and this is the movie that you must watch:

part 1/11

part 2/11

part 3/11

part 4/11

part 5/11

part 6/11

part 7/11

part 8/11

part 9/11

part 10/11

part 11 - FINAL

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