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Princess Hours (Korean: , Hanja: , romanized as Goong) is a South Korean television drama series based on the manhwa Goong by Park So-Hee. It was broadcast from January 11 to March 30, 2006 on MBC and stars Yoon Eun Hye, Joo Ji Hoon, Kim Jeong Hoon and Song Ji-hyo. The US DVD release by YA Entertainment uses the title Palace.[1]
Princess Hours was one of MBC's most popular dramas of 2006, second only to Jumong.[2] Overall, the show was the tenth most popular drama of 2006, according to TNS Media. Due to the success of the first season, a second season was to be produced. However, it will no longer be produced due to the withdrawal of two main actors. A spin-off series, Goong S, was broadcast on January 10, 2007.


Set in an alternate 21st-century reality where Korea possesses a royal family, since 1945 to present, this show revolves around the lives of the Crown Prince Lee Shin, and his new bride, Chae-kyeong.
The series starts off with the news that the King, Shin's father, is very ill. With the grim outlook on the King's health, the royal family scrambles to find a wife for Shin, so as to allow him to take over the royal throne if the situation requires. Despite being in love with another girl, the ambitious and talented ballerina Hyo-rin whom Shin initially proposed to (she rejects him to pursue her ballet dreams), Shin eventually marries a commoner to whom he was betrothed by his late grandfather in an old agreement with the girl's grandfather. Shin marries the headstrong yet lovable Chae-kyeong after Hyo-rin's rejection. Despite initially feeling nothing for Chae-kyeong, love eventually blossoms between the couple as time passes.
In the meantime, however, matters are further complicated with the return of Lee Yul and his mother Lady Hwa-Young, who was once the Crown Princess before the death of her husband, the late Crown Prince, older brother of the current King. Yul and his mother were chased out of the palace some time after the death of his father, and it is later revealed that this was due to the King's discovery of an affair between Yul's mother and the current King who was his father's younger brother. Yul's mother had returned with a sinister motive in mind; to restore her son back to the throne, which would have been his eventually, if his father had not died. A series of events befall the palace with the schemes Yul's mother carries out, and is further intensified by the various scandals involving the royal family, which are inclusive of the Shin's continuing relationship with his old flame Hyo-rin, and the budding love Yul develops for Chae-kyeong, his cousin's new-found bride. Things gets out of hand and many incidents happened.
Shin visits Thailand. Hyo-rin meets him there and asks him to take her to the airport, setting him up for a date.


Shin Chae-kyeong is a very creative and outgoing, normal high school girl. She attends the same school as Lee Shin, the Crown Prince of Korea. Her grandfather was best friends with the previous King. To honor his friend, the previous King dictated that Chae-kyeong is to become the Crown Princess, which means that she is to marry whoever is the Crown Prince at the time of the marriage (Lee Shin) . Although she often seems immature and irritating, she is a kindhearted, innocent, honest person. Often called "Pig" by her younger brother, Chae-kyeong marries the prince because of the promise made between her grandfather and Shin's. Her initial reaction to Lee Shin is one of irritation but she falls in love with him in the earlier part of the series, not knowing that he, in return, feels the same way, until the last few episodes. Although she regards Lee Yul only as a friend and cousin-in-law, he falls in love with her.
The crown prince of Korea, Lee Shin, is seen as a smug, indifferent, insensitive young man. After getting rejected by his girlfriend when he proposes to her, he decides to go along with his elders' arranged marriage with Shin Chae-kyeong. At first, he was irritated by her naivete and enthusiasm, but as he recognizes how genuinely sweet she is, he begins to open his heart to her, and falls in love. Throughout the series, it becomes obvious that inside, he is just a lonely, sensitive, warm and kind young man. He also owns a teddy bear, Alfred, the only thing that he can let his guard down for, which is used as a focal point throughout the series. As his cousin re-enters the picture after being forced out of the country many years earlier, the prince quickly butts head with him, as Lee Yul is a contender not only for the throne, but for the crown princess Chae-kyeong's love. Chae-kyeong does not realize this until later on in the story.
Hyo-rin is a skilled ballerina. She is beautiful, intelligent, accomplished—basically, perfect in every way possible,but she is also poor. Prince Shin and her ballet instructor paid for her tuition fees at school. In the beginning, she is Shin's girlfriend, and he proposes to her. However, she rejects him, not only because she thinks he is joking, but also because she does not wish to give up her dreams of becoming a star ballerina. When she sees Chae-kyeong and Shin's wedding and how Chae-kyeong is loved by the people (similar to Diana, Princess of Wales), she regrets her hasty decision, and does everything she can to oust Chae-kyeong from her position. Hyo-rin finds ways to draw Shin back to her, including a "chance" meeting in Thailand, but simply ends up hurting herself, resulting in attempting suicide by a pill overdose. Later, however, she decides that Shin does truly love Chae-kyeong, and she ultimately gives him up and decides to just concentrate on her ballet......

Extended Cast

  • Lee Yoon Ji (이윤지) as Hyae-Myung
  • Jeon Ji Ae as Lee Kang-hyun
  • Nah Eun-kyeong (나은경), as Kim Soon-young
  • Dan Ji (단지) as Yoon Hee-soong
  • Kang Nam Gil (강남길) as Chae-kyeong's father
  • Im Ye Jin (임예진) as Chae-kyeong's mother
  • Kim Suk as Shin Chae-joon (Chae-kyeong's younger brother)
  • Kim Sang-joong (김상중), as Yi Soo (Yool's deceased father)
  • Park Chan-hwan (박찬환), as Yi Hyeon (Shin's father)
  • Kim Hye-ja (김혜자), as HM Queen Mother/Tae Hoo Mama (Yool and Shin's grandmother)
  • Shim Hye-jin (심혜진), as Lady Hwa-Yong (Yool's mother)
  • Yoon Yoo-seon (윤유선), as the Empress Queen/KWang Hoo mama(Yi Shin's mother)
  • Choi Seong-joon (최성준), as Kang-in (강인)
  • Lee Yong-joo (이용주), as Jang-kyung (장경)
  • Uhm Seong-mo (엄성모), as Ryu-hwan (류환)
  • Choi Bool-am (최불암), as Emperor Seongjo (성조 황제) (Shin and Yool's grandfather) (deceased)
  • Lee Ho-jae (이호재), as Gong Nae-kwan (공 내관)
  • Jeon Su-yeon (전수연), as Choi Sang-goon (최 상궁)

Awards and nominations

  • 2006 MBC Acting Awards: Best New Actor (Joo Ji Hoon)
  • 2006 MBC Acting Awards: Best New Actress (Yoon Eun Hye)
  • 2007 MBC Acting Awards: Best New Artist( Joo Ji Hoon)

Spin-off and sequel

Season 2

The plot of the sequel would have closely followed the plot of the remaining volumes of the manhwa. The production company, Eight Peaks was aiming to re-sign the entire original cast for the sequel Goong 2.
Eight Peaks stated that they would aim to film Goong 2 in late 2007 or early 2008.[3][4] However, Yoon Eun Hye and Kim Jeong Hoon have stated their wishes to withdraw from Eight Peaks due to conflicting problems with the company. Yoon Eun Hye, one of the main character, has already ended her contract with Eight Peaks and has moved onto Kraze Entertainment.[5] Without the complete main characters of the first season, it is most likely there will be no sequel of Goong.

Goong S

Main article: Goong S
A Spin-off series, Goong S, revolves around a young worker at a Chinese restaurant who suddenly discovers that he is a member of the royal family and subsequently enters the palace. Hwang mentioned that he would be looking for Yoon Eun Hye's male counterpart, of sorts. This spinoff has no relation to the first season since there is a new cast and plot.
In October 2006, Korean pop star Se7en was chosen to play the leading role in the spinoff. He will play the character of "Yi Hoo", while others in the drama's second season include Heo Yi Jae (who plays Yang Soon-Ae), Kang Doo (who plays Yi Joon), and Park Shin-hye (who plays Shin Sae-Ryung). Many of the supporting cast, including those who played the royal family, are expected to join Goong S. Filming started in November 2006.
The name for the spin-off changed from Goong 2 to Goong S – Prince Hours ( S) due to copyright infringement problems. Filming continued despite Group 8 facing lawsuits due to the unlawful use of Goong in the title. [6] However, MBC has looked into this issue with Eight Peaks and have stated that the channel station and original production company both own the rights of the name.[7] Goong S will still be used for this season, with the subtitle of "Prince Who". Goong S was broadcasted from January 10 to March 15, 2007, with only a few minor characters returning for this spinoff.
Episode Ratings
Seoul Area
16.2 (5th)
16.6 (5th)
16.0 (6th)
16.5 (7th)
14.3 (9th)
14.3 (8th)
15.1 (9th)
15.3 (8th)
19.7 (5th)
20.5 (4th)
16.5 (8th)
16.5 (7th)
13.7 (11th)
14.0 (10th)
18.6 (6th)
19.1 (6th)
24.0 (2nd)
25.2 (2nd)
25.2 (2nd)
26.3 (2nd)
24.5 (2nd)
25.7 (2nd)
25.6 (2nd)
27.2 (2nd)
25.0 (2nd)
25.8 (2nd)
26.7 (2nd)
28.4 (2nd)
27.9 (2nd)
28.8 (2nd)
24.3 (3rd)
25.0 (3rd)
25.8 (2nd)
26.1 (2nd)
26.6 (2nd)
27.1 (2nd)
27.0 (2nd)
27.3 (2nd)
27.1 (2nd)
26.9 (2nd)
24.6 (2nd)
25.2 (2nd)
24.4 (2nd)
25.5 (2nd)
25.4 (2nd)
26.9 (2nd)
28.3 (2nd)
28.8 (2nd)

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